Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a Destination Wedding

One of our favorite parts of wedding planning is destination weddings! We love working with couples who are Planning a Destination Wedding in a unique location and have a dream of something new and exciting. Last year, we had the opportunity to visit Alaska with Natasha and Ryan as they said I Do in the most picturesque location you could ever imagine! Recently we asked our amazing couple a little bit about how they brought their dream trip to life and what it was like planning a destination wedding. These are tips that we recommend for any couple thinking about getting married in a destination wedding location.

Alaska Destination Wedding

1. What made you decide to have a destination wedding?

Having a destination wedding was actually not our first choice! We originally planned to have a big wedding in South Florida where we’re both from with all of our family and friends, which is when the dollar signs started to add up very quickly and honestly, it just didn’t seem right. I’ve always wanted a big wedding, but Ryan was into the smaller, more intimate gig, so in order to get the best of both worlds we decided to do a small, intimate destination ceremony and have a reception celebration back in Florida with our family and friends. Carly made the best of both worlds happen for us!

Alaska Destination Wedding

2. What was the hardest part of planning long distance?

The most difficult part of planning long distance was the unknown; not knowing what my hair and makeup would look like, not knowing how I would get my dress there safely, not knowing what the floral would look like, not knowing who would marry us in a different state where we did not know anyone, and especially not knowing exactly where the ceremony would take place! Thankfully, Carly took care of EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I truly mean everything. I am known to be a bit controlling (just ask my husband), but she eased my nerves every single step of the way with open communication and more importantly, empathy.

Alaska Destination Wedding

3. What was your favorite moment of the day?

What a difficult question- because I can truly think of so many, but my favorite moment of the day (aside from getting to marry my best friend) had to have been the moment the train stopped in Frasier, British Columbia, looking out of the window and immediately knowing the exact spot where we would become husband and wife. It was as if the universe knew exactly the right place for us! As we looked out of the train window, we saw snowcapped mountains in the distance, plush greenery all around us, the bluest sky you would ever see, and most importantly, the field of yellow flowers that took over the ground! Ryan’s vows were pretty special as well.

Alaska Destination Wedding

4. Would you change anything about your wedding day?

I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything happened just as it was meant to and I have so much gratitude for the way the day turned out.

Alaska Destination Wedding

5. What was the best part of having a destination wedding vs a traditional wedding?

The best part of having a destination wedding as opposed to a traditional wedding for us was the cost savings. Also, the intimacy of the ceremony- no stage fright, just the ones we love most around us! It was the most special moment of my entire life thus far.

Alaska Destination Wedding

6. What advice would you give other couples looking at having a destination wedding?

The best advice I can provide to any couple who is intrigued by a destination wedding would be to hire a wedding planner, aka Carly! Honestly, we would not have been able to handle all of the logistics, planning, communication with local vendors, etc. without her. Also, make sure your day is exactly what you both want. Try not to think too much about what others will say or think. This is your day! Lastly, be as present as possible, because it flies by!

Alaska Destination Wedding Alaska Destination Wedding

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you 🙏 Carly, you did a wonderful job
    Planning and being there for Natasha and Ryan every step of the way.!! This was the most beautiful wedding I’ve been to. I’m truly grateful you made their dreams come true.
    I highly recommend Designer Weddings by Carly Rose , you won’t regret it!

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