FyerFly Productions | Vendor Spotlight

FyerFly Productions | Vendor Spotlight

FyerFly Productions

Photographer: Castaldo Studio

If there is one thing that can drastically change the overall look and feel of a reception space, it is lighting. We recommend fun lighting for every wedding that we design and one of our favorite people do that for us is FyerFly Productions | Vendor Spotlight. With over 10 years of experience creating custom and unique luxury lighting designs, we love the way that FyerFly Productions can transform any space into something custom and different for every wedding and special event they are a part of.

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Photographer: The Roots

With a variety of options from Color Uplights to wall textures to monograms that shine brightly up on the wall, they have a look that suits every event. Sometimes you want to create an outdoor garden indoors, sometimes you want to create a custom look that pays homeage to your hertiage. And sometimes, you just want to create a really fun party atmosphere! For that, they have something different and event better. Enter the special effects.

FyerFly Productions | Vendor Spotlight FyerFly Productions | Vendor Spotlight

Photographer: That First Moment

From confetti to sparkler boxes, market lights to Co2, FyerFly Productions brings the fun to your event! How cool are those sparkler boxes that can go off during your first dance? How about a blast of confetti to end the night? We love using their special effects to create lasting memories of moments both you and your guests will never forget! Sometimes they even create one of a kind experiences that are just for your wedding! Do you dream of snow falling as you exit the reception at the end of the night? FyerFly Productions made one bride’s dreams come true as the couple left the wedding under falling snow (in Florida!)

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