Outdoor Weddings: Tips for Success

Outdoor Weddings: Tips for Success

Outdoor Weddings: Tips for Success

Wide open space, plenty of sunshine, and oh dang I didn’t think of that… It’s time to make your outdoor wedding and reality, but there are some factors  you should keep in mind. Here are a few things you should plan for when planning your outdoor nuptials!


If it was easy to predict the weather, everyone would do it! Understandably, it can be a challenge to plan for weather in advance. That’s why back-up plans are crucial- whether that back-up be another venue, or a tent*. While your wedding party can be shielded with a few umbrellas, you’ll need to think of all your guests, therefore make sure your back-up plan can accommodate everyone. On the other hand, rain is but one factor here in Florida. The Florida sunshine can create sweltering conditions, so maximize any shaded areas by creating a seating area with fans and refreshments!

Pesky Pests

Buzz Buzz! Your sweets station can turn into a party for insects. Consider making a plan to have the sweets/food to be placed outside as close to the reception start time as possible, or have them in covered containers.

Outdoor Weddings: Tips for Success

Lights, camera, action!

For nighttime events, you’ll obviously need lighting! When choosing lighting here are some things to consider: the ambience you’re trying to achieve (bright, romantic glow, etc), the square footage of the space you’re using (the bigger the space, the more lighting), and power sources (you may need generators!).


We had to mention this one, sorry not sorry! Choose a portable restroom that can accommodate your guest count and keep up the good fight for your whole event. Make sure you check the requirements for any portable trailers (power source, water source, etc).

Outdoor Weddings: Tips for Success

Detailed directions for guests!

Travelling to new places can be stressful for some, especially when that place may not show up on Google Maps. In your invitation or wedding website, provide detailed directions for your guests to the exact ceremony/reception site. This will also help to make sure your guests are on time!


*Keep in mind, tent rentals may need permitting which is why you should book your tent/ tent back-up in advance!

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