Five Final Wedding Things To Do

Five Final Wedding Things To Do … Before You Say I-Do!

Wave your hands in the air, like you just don’t care- because the big day is here! It’s going to be a busy, but exciting day. With a little prep beforehand, you can be the meaning of calm and serenity on your wedding day!

Five Final Things To-Do Before You Say I-Do!

Collect those Zzz’s!

Prior to the big day, make sure to rest. You’ll be partying into the wee hours, and you’ll want to be fully present- not taking a cat-nap in the middle of your reception. So go to bed early, like your parent’s tried to get you to do when you were a kid!

Carve out some alone time

You’ll be surrounded by your loved ones all day long, so take a few minutes in the morning to practice some self-care and collect your thoughts. Apply your skincare routine, pamper yourself, and meditate if you like!

Five Final Things To-Do Before You Say I-Do!

Make sure to eat!

Who likes to be hangry? We’ll assume that no one does. Make sure to have breakfast, lunch, and snacks available. It’ll be easy to forget that food exists when you’re getting ready, sharing some bubbly with your squad, and preparing for the day ahead. Food delivery services are a beautiful thing-  have something delivered to you like the VIP you are!

Five Final Things To-Do Before You Say I-Do!


In addition to eating, we also recommend having some water with a side of bubbly. This will combat headaches, fatigue, dry skin, and more. Hydration should be happening all week long, but especially on the day-of your wedding.

Pass it off to your wedding planner!

There shouldn’t be any details troubling your noggin’. Hand any important details/docs off to your trusted wedding planner, if you haven’t done so already. If your wedding rehearsal is close to the wedding day, consider passing along personal decor + such on that day- for less to worry about on the day-of.

Bonus tip!

Charge your phone, and then put it away! It’s tempting to keep your device close by, but you’ll want to stay in the moment. Let your photographer capture the day and the minutes you’ll treasure forever!

Follow these simple Five Final Wedding Things To Do before you say I-Do tips and you will be sure to have an amazingly special wedding day!

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