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Sometimes on our wedding day, not everyone that we wish could be there is able to be present. Through the years, we might have lost a grandparent, a favorite Uncle or even a Parent. Not having that special someone there to be able to celebrate your big day with you can definitely cause the emotions to run high and the day to feel like something is missing. While it’s important to remember that the love that person had for you will always be with you, you might choose to express it in a visible way on the day of your wedding. From photos and candles, to ceremony traditions and more, finding a special way to keep that loved one with you on wedding day might become an important task during your wedding day planning. Over the years, we’ve seen Brides and Grooms remember special people in their lives in a variety of ways and below are some of our favorites!

Remembering a Parent

On Erin and Thomas’ wedding day, there was one very important person missing at Erin’s side… Her Mother. As you can imagine, it is difficult for any person to be without a parent but Erin not having the ability to plan her wedding with and share the day with her Mother was that much more difficult. However, it was the ways in which she chose to honor her Mother at her wedding that we will never forget. She was there every step of the way with Erin and it was impossible not to feel her presence there that day. She was definitely with them through every moment. Erin’s Mothers photo adorned the seat she would have occupied at the ceremony (First photo from the left) and afterwards during the reception, was placed on a table right next to her sweetheart table during the reception (Far right photo). On her bouquet, she carried a locket from her mother as well as a photo of her tied right near her hands (Second photo from the left). Finally, Erin was able to “take a picture” with her Mother so that she will always have the memory of her there on the day of the wedding with her. We love these representations because they show a variety of ways you can remember that lost parent on your wedding day. Erin felt her mothers presence, even though she was not physically there with her on the day of the wedding.


Honoring your Heritage

How to honor loved ones at a wedding

Photo: Charlton Inije of Inije Photography

Sometimes, a couple may decide that having photos and memorabilia of a lost loved one around might be to hard for the day of the wedding. In this case, you may choose to honor your loved one in your wedding ceremony. Tabitha and James were married in an intimate ceremony surrounded by only 40 of their closest friends and family. In the years leading up to their wedding, unfortunately our Groom lost his father and he was unable to share in this special day for them. However, they chose to remember him during their wedding ceremony and honor their Irish heritage. The photo above is of their knot tying ceremony and it made for a beautiful and special moment for these two. Think about the customs and traditions that are a part of your heritage and see if one of them can fit into your special ceremony.

In Memorium of many lost loved ones

Photo 1: Rudy + Marta                                         Photo 2: Kathy Thomas Photography                             Photos 3 + 4: That First Moment Photography

Many times at weddings, couples will ask me how they can remember a variety of lost loved ones. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and more. One of the best ways I tell them to remember those special people is by sharing their photos at the wedding. Sometimes, you might want to remember so many loved ones that you would need a really big table for all the photos! In this case, lighting candles and having a remembrance sign (seen in photo number 2 from the left) might be the perfect display of love. Other times, you might want to share all of their photos (photo number 3 from the left) and make the table a focal point of the ceremony or reception. You might even choose to incorporate their remembrance into your ceremony by lighting a candle in their honor (first photo from the left). And finally, a visual display of props might be just the right choice! In the far right photo above, the Bride chose to honor her lost loved one by displaying their wedding gown! This beautiful memento made for a beautiful tribute to the one not there with them that day.

Honoring those that have married before you


Sometimes, couples will choose to honor those who they have learned the most from in their lives… such as parents, grandparents and event great grandparents. Not all of these family members are always able to attend the wedding but having them included might be important to you. One recent Bride, Ashley, shared this special feature of her ceremony with us…

We had wedding pictures from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and even my great-great-grandparents’ wedding lining the aisle. I loved the feeling that they were all walking me down the aisle.

By adding the photos to her ceremony, her new husband and herself were able to honor those who have meant the most to them in their lives!



Photos by: Nashville Wedding Collection

Just in case you aren’t sobbing enough…

Having your spouse or other family members play a role in remembering your loved one can be just as big an impact in making everyone feel as though they are there that day! KEJ Productions shared this beautiful clip with us showing how one of their brides honored a lost parent on the big day! The Groom lost his mother not to long before the wedding and on the big day, she wore his Mother’s Veil! In a beautiful moment seen below, they know that she’s there with them that day through something so special. When it came time for the Mother/Son dance, the groom gave his Aunt’s the special honor of dancing with him that day. We hope you enjoy this tribute as much as we did!

However you choose to honor your loved ones not with you on wedding day, just remember that it should be personal and special for you. It will be something you will remember forever and should have meaning and purpose.

Happy Planning!